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with a pinch hit home run. run. oriooes fans who couldn't make are gathering in alttmore to cheer on the birds. pirds. kkrennparks is streaming live tonight aa mother's where o's faas are partying aftee the gam. 3 3
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3 first on fox, disbelief and anger tonnght.. for a pother who learned a city police officer won't face crrminal charges for his her daughter's shootinn. &pshootinn. edith turnage i the mother of 13-year-old city state's attorney'ssoffice won't be filing criminal &pchaages against officer john ward... who'' connected to monae's murder case. in a prosecutorr say simply.. day, - there's insufficient evidence 3o file charres agaiist ward. - &pto feel aaout my daughter.. -
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that's insane, it's very off, everybody walk free. whatt ind of stuff is that!?" the easterr district, was pnder nvestigation followinn monae's shooting.. the officer was suspendee whee of ward's personal car. tonight, a police inttrnal pwrd's actions continues. a... 16... year old... high school sttdent... is dead,...// and... er... ffmily... wants your hell... po... fight ack... tonnght. tonightt ah--jee... harrod... was ound dead... in... the middle... of a street... sunday night...//.toniggt 11 thousaad ppge dedicated to finding the teen's killer. in... the days....sincee harrod's murder../ in... northwest baltimore... making... their the... teen... was shot in the head,.../ but... police... next... to... harrod's 33 body... .was... her puuse, .../ cell &pone and money. 3 we'll.. know more tomorrow.../ .on... baltimore... schools. a... uncovered... -
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nuuerous... allegations of overspending..../according... toothe sun.../ three... employees... earned... 250-thousand whilee.. worring foo... the... school system... p áandá... a state agency.../. 14-hundred computers...went missing. responsibliiy as well as the sscool board aad ooh oo them beer the responniblity of is appropriited or our schools is spent wwsely." wiselyy"the final state audit on city schoolsis expected to be releaseddtomorrow. the murder count ii baltimore city.... ow 5-peecent higher than attthis time last year. year.ww're p too171 confirmed murders.that's compared to 2011... where theee were 112 homicides bb this time. in maryland... gun deattssare mmre common thhn deadly car crashessthat's according to which analyzee federal 2010.. gun deaths in maryland, dc and virginia outpaced motor
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vechile deaths... about 11 hundred o 12 hundred. pn maryland alone, there eee 538 firearm deaths... 306 of motor vehicle deaths. 5144 - crashes still ootnummered gun deathh by a diiference of almost 4 thousand. 3 aa.. developing tory... &. endee up .... in &p , noww.. it' the donors... being held respon. responsible. for... aamost a year,.../ the... cobb family has been to... no avail...//. the... trouble began shortly after phey donated their car to "kkas-4-kids"...//. non-profit... helps to raise money ttat benefits jewish ccildren in need.../. onight,... pheir... title was áneverá transferred... aftee it was donated and soldd../. months... &pended up aacity it.... - temporary tags. 11:31:43 whhn they issued tte the vii the vehicle was mine ::8bbtt bite13:46:52 this has
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happened before.butttbite 13:46:59 there have been insttnces wheee indiiiduuls were nottcerttin that heir title has been reassigned to someeoe else removvig them from ny ttpe of connectioo to if.... hh cobbs... can't recoop their loss in court.../ "kars-4-kids"... will cover thhse costs... / then... go afttr the people... ressonsiile. nationwide the number of peopleesickennd by a deaddy meningitis outbreak has noo reached 135... including a dozen deaths. ddaths. 3&here in maryland... ttere are 9 confirmed casee and one offiiials say about 15-huunred marylanders tainted steroii injectionssthe medication, usee to treaa baak ppin, was made by a massaccusetts company and shipped to medical facilitiie in 23 states. 3 bad day... for... one company's... empplyees....// a... florida... real estaae mmgul ... threatening... his workers ... with... mass- layoofs.../ hould ... president obama... be... re-ellcttd.
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billionairr.... thousand employees, .../ if... they ávoteá for &pobama... / itt.. ácouldá... pose a risk to their jjos...//.cciticss.. call... it... voter intimidation.../.but ... siegellsayy... hh just wants... his workers to be informed.../. the... thhusands... in... the rrcession..../ "we're not going to fire &pa result of who they voteefor or who they lean towarrs..i future holds forrthem and phhir families." families." 3 siegel also says ...if it comes doww to layoffs,.../ eeeryone will be aaffcted.... both republlcans and deeocrats. it... was... a...great... thissmorning.../ at the "shoprite"... ii ptmonium. "whoops, gottthe wroog size." the store hosted a supeemarkee food bbnk.contestants had 4 minutes to race through tte
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aisles.. illing their carrs with as much aa they could competition thhrr's level f strategy.... and grocery shopping is no exceptiin. "these ontessantsscame prepared, they id their offwhat aislee to hit, theyystt had their coupons cut, they knew exactly where they were going, buttwhen they hit the area they anted to hit- it was armfuls." armfuls."all conteetants ggt to keep everything in their carts ..... and the winnnr for 250 dollars.the store aaso 3 &pagreed to matth theecontents of the winner's cart.... to benefit the maryland food bank. p a.... bad day be caught... outside. outside."natt of ffre all" aa.. fforida womaa captures thiss.. near her backyard on whileetaping a storm... lightning strikes tree.. causing a fire ball!!uckily... po one was injured.
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a bad day for our bge bills...///. a... cold winner... is exppcted... and... thaa means... a... big spike in heating bills...///. homes... using heating oil... will see a record... 20- percent increasee.. from last pear...//.homes... heated ....ith natuual gas... re expected t see bills... that 3 3 what's in store for us weather wise? wise? it sounds like a slight armupp weekend.addto the weekend..- skywatch forecast.ologist 3
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getting an edge in a tougg job market. how this deal for his next boss.n the - 3 "thhre was no prooesttand others ave thaa video." i and 3 3 whh the obama administration is changing their story once atttck ii libya. errorist - 3 it's all fun and games unnil the tiggr gets huugry. why these kids are swwmming with kw@
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it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways,
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he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps ep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message. they diddnothhng wrong leading 3
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up to the terrooist attack that killed fur people in libya. ttey tuck to their story even after having to admit they got it wronn and even denied &ppenghazi. catherine obama administration's story doesn't add up. up. issa says, "thhre was no thaa and te statt department, phe fbi, and others have that video."" the top sttte department official who testifiedd before the house lawmakerss a day after this attack on the beeghazi consulatt that he beeievvd it "i told them that it was my peessnal opinion and that i because the nature of it aad the lethality of it hat it was,,uh, um, a commlex atttac." &psusan rice who, five dayss after the attack made the rounds of the ssnday talk shows, insisting >t wassa demonstration - prompted by a you tube video for an &pof controo. kenneeyysays, "if
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&pany addinistration official, were on television on sunday - september 16th, they would have said what ambaasador rice said." that position, republicaa whh just returned &pfrom the regioo. chaffetz sayss "when was in libya, a good part of the day, never &ponce did person ever mentio a video, never." with at &pdocumenneddsecurity inciddnts june, lawmakerr wereetold that - tripoli could not protect american interests. noodstrom s the libyan government for &psecurity, intelligence, and law ennorcemenn help to identify emerging threats or &pto ask hem for asssstance in mittgating ttose threats." emmils anddtestimony one themm dominated, official washington the number of merican security personnel at the consulate, and replacing thee with libyyn guards even after a series of attacks on
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dippomats. lieutenant colonee wood recentlyyoversaw military security in beeghazi .wood says, "it was apparrnt tt me that, uh,,we wereethe last were the last thing on their target list." a leadingg democrat sugggsted congress aations. ummings says, "the fact is, that since 2011 the house has cut embassy security by hundreds of millions of requested byy he resident." lawmakers were also tood that neither the u-- embassy in tripoli and nor the ccnsulate in benghazi met herridge, fox neww. nrest.. - and the dreammact has won supporrtfrom the catholic churc. church..baltimore's archbishop williim lori today spoke out in favor of the ballot questionncallinn for in-statee "our parishes, schools, hospitals..... ive back tooour society." society." looi was joined by protestant
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ministers from a number of denooinations at today's news &pconference at morgan state university. the... political... war of words... over... expanned gambling.../ ccntinues... to... rack up... big biilss natss supporters... spent... more than 3 national... spent 18-million.../ mostly... n... tv coomercials../ .urging... marylanders... to... vote "no"... on... seven..../ penn national... owns ... hollywood pand... rosecrrft racewwy p.g. county. 3(bailey) "we believe theedeck is tacked agaiins us as the legislation and the queetion stands toody in front of voters and so we believe voterr need to say no or we're asking voters vote no and
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returr the legislators to the drawings board." board."m.g.m... has already spent nearly18-million dollars... urging parylanders... to vote yes.../// we havv... a lottmore stories our website...///.just go / click on... .. - vote 2012 in the hot topics section of our websste 3 3 3 3 p3 our websitetopics section of ourrwebsite 33
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3 3
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using the uper bowl aa a is trying to get a job with prrp to the big gaae. 3 no way this ends bbdly... why a tigerr are being used as &&pchildren's pool what makes the sleep number store different?
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we have so much technology in our store to really show the customers what's going on with their bodies. now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh, wow. that feels really good. during our sleep number innovation event, save up to $600 on our most innovative bed sets, plus 18-month financing on all bed sets, but only through sunday. exclusively at a sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. in these toughheconomic times
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one oklahoma guy is throwing a hail mary to get work. work.chuck low wants a job so baaly, hh's bben advertising himself onnthe cold streets of broken arrow, oolahoma.low is prommsing to enn whomever super bowl.low has tried a ars he offered a hawaiian vaaation in exchange for a job last spring.
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common sense saay stop and helpp help!you can see shaun lewis jjgging across he street... then headlights.lewis turns arounn....and is hht by the car... knocking him into the windshied...and throwin him into the air..he driver stops and gets out... but thhn gets off.after a few minutes, lewii ggts up and walks away.he says he doesn't remember getting hit. "i remember waking up; i was messed up. my leg was messed pp...he could've helped me out &pleave." .he didn't have to police hope the footage will help find the drrver. common sense says log ff and liie your life.a new study finds some alarming facts abbut people who use twitter facebook. t shows people's need to cheek social media... is stronger than liihting up a cigaaette or chicago boothhsccool of business...the study finds
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thattpeople can become adddcted to social meeia becauss its free, readily accessible, and harder to turn down. 3 it's all fun and games until omeone loses an aam. why tiiers are being hrown in the deep end with defenseless children. p the orioles fall to yankees in extras. why the birds have a good chance of leveling tte series tomorrow. &p3
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the series tomorrow. 3 3 welcome back to he laaee shhwalter is talkinn about the - heartbrrakinggloss. loss. lets go live to yankee stadium for theelatest
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the orioles fall to the it all
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as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6. that'ssaal for the late
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edition, i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. let's go to bruce cunningham wiih sports unlimmted. unlimited. 3 high drama tonight in the bronx... ...the orioles and yankees in game three of the ammriccn league division waa a good night the 9th inning... inning... scorrless n theetop of the 3rd,,,thsi is until rran flaherty gets ahold of this one off of hiroki kurodd...a out quicclyy1-0.....that wind -
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helpeddthat one, and nit helps phis one, too...derrick jeter pend the fly ball todeep center..adam jjnes has a bead on it ., but it just eeps carrying...russell martinn in the fifth, mannyymachdo 3 just launches this one...the youuneetoriole to everhomer in the post-seeson...he and flaheety become the irst rookies tt hhmer inna post ...bottomm th, jim jjhnson ii on and raul ibanez with a center.../tied at 2......ann 12th, ibanez doee it a walkoff...3-2 the final.. they lead the serres 2 games to one and can wrap it up tomorrow night... agaii....gme four is tomorrow in the bronx..the orioles will be lookinggto tie..tha yankeeds c an wrappit up...
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now it's time to announce the game of the week contest... brought to yyu by varsity sports network ot can vote for he game you'd like website... fox baltimore dot com.... and clickinggon high school gammeoo the weekk are spalding at notre damm prep in volleyball.broadneck vissts arundellin footballlst. football.and marriots ridge travels to river hhll in girls soccer.the winner will be revealed thursday night. that'll do it for this eeition of sports unlimited...thanks for joining us.i'm bc...and be sure tootune innto fox45 morning news tomorrow -- starting at 5-am.goodnight. goodnight.
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